Antiques on the Mountain
Crossville, Tennessee


 About this special show

Real Antiques of High Quality at Attractive Prices

Once each year antique buyers and collectors are in for a rare treat at Crossville, Tennessee.  Unlike many antique shows, ANTIQUES ON THE MOUNTAIN at Crossville presents real antiques.  Many of the items offered for sale are nearly 100 years old or older.  No reproductions!  Some of the items date from the late 1800's, while some go back to the 1820's (almost 200 years old).

Buyers find a distinctive array of fine antique furniture, exquisite furnishings, unique decorative accessories and outstanding collectibles.  Nearly 40 dealers from several states offer a large selection of good quality and rare antiques .... REAL antiques at attractive prices.   Hours are 1-5 Friday and 9-4 on Saturday.  The show is indoors in a heated, carpeted building at the Fairgrounds.  See map for directions.  Contact: (270) 237-5205.

There’s nothing like holding and examining a very old item and wondering, as you take a step back in time, “what was America like back then?  Did most homes have items like this?  If this piece could only talk about life in those days.  Think of the legacies left behind by its owners.”  Your visit to the ANTIQUES ON THE MOUNTAIN show and sale is truly a trip of historical significance.  Imagine holding a silver ladle used in households 230 years ago.  Or, a coin from the early 1800’s minted by Alexander Hamilton’s first U.S. Treasury.   

 It's difficult to find nearly 40 antique dealers in our area who offer very old items for Sale.  Other fine dealers feature merchandise that is too new.  This year's array of dealers is unique.  There is no other group quite like it.  Come see for yourself!  You'll honestly see very rare, REAL antiques of high quality.  Dealers have been saving special merchandise all year to bring to the Crossville show.  Noteworthy for attendees: there is no advance preview show for early birds.


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